2023 REALTOR® Champions Club Candidates

The REALTOR® Champions Club allows our members to make an even greater impact in Olympia by giving directly to WA State candidates while continuing your support of RPAC as a Major Investor! ​

At the 2023 Spring Business Conference Meeting, the REALTOR® PAC Trustees identified the two 2023 REALTOR® Champions Club candidates. They are Senator Ron Muzzall (R-10th) and Representative Kristine Reeves (D-30th).

Now that the Legislative Session has wrapped for 2023, our Champions Club Candidates are able to start accepting contributions. ​

To participate in the REALTOR® Champions Club, you will invest $600 to RPAC and then also directly contribute to either one or both of these campaigns in an amount that totals $400. If you choose to take part in the Champions Club, you will receive the NAR Major Investor benefits and will be recognized as both an RPAC Major Investor and REALTOR® Champions Club member.

Senator Ron Muzzall
(R-10th, Oak Harbor)

Senator Kristine Reeves
(D-30th, Federal Way)

How to Participate in the 2023 REALTOR​® Champions Club

STEP 1. Visit the campaign donation pages of the 2023 Champions Club Candidates.

STEP 2. Invest $600 to RPAC to be added to both the Major Investor list and the REALTOR® Champions Club roster. Major Investors who partake in this will also be recognized by NAR. If you have already completed this step: Thank You! You can make your investment to RPAC here. Once you have contributed to the Champions Club candidates, email your receipts to: [email protected]. Your contributions will be confirmed through the PDC and you will be added to the roster!

Thank you to everyone who participated last year, and to each of you who continue to join this great program! For those who are hearing of this for the first time or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Washington REALTORS® Leadership thanks you for allowing REALTORS® to be the most influential Trade Association on the Hill!

James Fisher, RPAC Trustees Chair
 2023 REALTOR® Champions Club Major Investor Washington REALTORS®

*Please be sure to list REALTOR® in the occupation field.

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